Apie mane/About me

Sveiki, aš esu Vaida. Daug metų bandžiau susigyventi su ekonominės pakraipos darbu, savo meilę gėlėms pagal visų protingų žmonių patarimus palikusi laisvalaikiui. Gėlės nugalėjo! Dabar aš prisitaikau prie kažkada pasakytos mano mėgstamo Oskaro Vaildo minties "Gyvenime yra tik dvi tragedijos: pirm yra negauti to, ko trokšti, antra - tai gauti. " Žinant jo humoro jausmą, nepriimkite šio posakio rimtai:) Aš labai džiaugiuosi galėdama puošti savo ir kitų kasdienybę gėlėmis!


My whole childhood was surrounded by flowers as my grandmother had a wonderful garden with enormous collection of flowers and other plants. As a child I spent a lot of time playing with flowers, their petals and leaves. I‘ve even been making clothes for my dolls using it. Actually, more often than not my grandmother was not happy about it given that I‘ve been destroying her flowers in that way.
My goal after finishing school was to study at Art Academy. I was very determined, attending portfolio preparation courses for almost our years, but I ended up earning a BA in Economy instead. I worked as an , but I felt it wasn’t my calling. While working in bank I‘ve finished several floristics schools, I‘ve took part in various masterclasses, read books about it. After a while I quitted my day job and plunged in a world full of flowers and plants. Though it's not always the easiest life, I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Above all, I'm really thankful for every single purchase as I continue my lovely job here.
Once when I was in the flea market I saw an old hat with handmande flowers. The were so beautiful! I started looking for information about millinery flowers and visited several old fashion exibitions and I found my new hobby. I often adorn the brides with accesories made from real flowers so I was curious to try it with handmaded flowers. I have a dream related to the old millinery techniques and I believe that it will come true someday.
Warm wishes,